Inti's dreams


Dear children, dear adults

Here you can find the book of Inti’s dreams and much more …
With the book I would like I’ll take you into Inti’s dream world. At the same time I would like you to experience the beauty of our nature with my pictures and texts and enable you to explore and get to know the forest and its inhabitants together with Inti.
Never forget that we are also a part of nature and that all living beings are our friends and family.
This book was created with a lot of love.
Thank you very much for your interest!

Who is Inti?

Inti the Bull Terrier was born near Chartres in France and lived in Luxembourg, a small country in the heart of Europe.
Inti was an indescribably lovely dog all his life. He was an absolute child friend and actually liked everyone.
He knew all the forests, lakes and other interesting places in his homeland.
He loved to travel, bathe his paws in the water, and run through the sand. But he also liked to visit cities, and he has seen a few of them.
Inti would have given anything for a small biscuit or a full bowl.
He was a spoiled dog who won hearts.
My dearest Inti, may you share your love forever.


  • Canvas picture

  • Poster Inti

  • Book Intis Dreams – The Path of the Heart –

  • Plush Inti XL



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